KCASF Onam and Parents Day celebrations will be held on (Saturday,   7-Sep-2013) at 6.00 pm in our Knanaya community center.

Knanaya Catholic Association of South Florida (KCASF)

KCASF exists to uphold, practise and nourish the precious values and traditions of the knanaya community living in Miami region. Exercise the best of Knanaya cultures and to handover the inherited knanayism from our parents to the new generations. The elected KCASF administrative panel govern the community affairs.

KCASF - Executive Committe Members
Designation Name Contact
President Mr. Sanjay  Naduparambil Phone:  (+1)  954-302-2893
Vice President Mr. Jubin  Kulangara Phone:  (+1)  954-659-4114
General Secretary Mr. Shajan    Pulickal Phone:  (+1)  954-612-5278
Joint Secretary Mr. Benny  Palliparampil Phone:  (+1)  954-397-3110
Treasurer Mr. Raju  Paranickal Phone:  (+1)  954-993-0938
National Representatives (R.V.P) Mr. Sibi  Chanasseril Phone:  (+1)  954-805-3935
National Representatives Mr. George  Maliekal Phone:  (+1)  321-948-8827
National Representatives Mr. Howly  Pottoor Phone:  (+1)  954-888-9458
Youth Director Mr. Michael  Kurikalayil Phone:  (+1)  954-531-4234
Kids Club Director Mrs. Sheela  Kurikalayail Phone:  (+1)  954-531-4234
Kids Club Director Mrs. Bindhu  Kizhakkethil Phone:  (+1)  954-564-7060
Suggestions or comments, kindly send email to: