Veiwing and Funeral Service on April 16 and 17, 2010 at Miami, FL
Death Announcements:

With deep sentiments of sorrow I write this details to you, about the funeral arrangements of departed soul Mr.Vinod (48yrs) beloved husband of Beena Puthettu, sister of Mr.James Puthettu, Miami(Treasurer,KCASF). Please try to attend the services, pray for the departed soul and the family : Mrs.Beena- Rohit,Amit and Sumit.
Family contact info
(+1) 786 942 6192 [Home phone Mr. James]
(+1) 305 238 8090 [Cell phone - Mr. James]
(+1) 305 235 8221 [Cell phone Mrs. Beena]
On behalf of the Knanaya Catholic Community of South Florida, we extend our condolences to the family and request all to remember the family in your prayers.
Mission Director,
Rev. Fr. Stephen Vettuvelil
Vigil Service Information:
Veiwing service is scheduled on Friday April 16, 2010 from 04:00 PM till 09:00 PM at:
WoodLaon Cemetry
11655, SW 117th Ave.
Miami, Florida-33186
Tel: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Funeral Holy Mass: Saturday - April 17 at 12.30 PM, followed by procession to cemetry and burial.
St.John Newman Catholic Church
12125, SW 107th Ave
Miami, Florida-33176
Driving Directions
From Turn pike:
Route Turnpike towards south, take exit 120.