Koodara Yogum by wards - Reccuring on every month

Koodaara Yogum

Koodara Yogum as like the good traditions practising in India, are the union of parishoners once a month in one of the family in the name of Christ. Programs begin with rosary, bible study, simple dinner and a short discussions to evaluate last month events and planning sessions for next month. Koodara Yougum will be directed in each wards by mission director Rev Fr. Stephen Vettuvelil.

CORAL SPRINGS - Ward (Committe Members)
Designation Name Contact - Phone#
Parish Council Johny  Matchanickal  (+1) 954-346-1915
President Suby  Panamthanathu  (+1) 954-796-0250
Secretary Kochumol  Stephen  Tharayil  (+1) 954-984-4230
Cultural Coordinator Sheila  Michael  Kurikalayil  (+1) 954-757-6975

Monthly Schedules & Family
Family Date  &  Time Contact - Phone#
John & Mercy  Chakkaala January 9, 2010 - Saturday   at  07:00 PM  (+1) 954-227-0258
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