Knanaya Catholic Youth League (KCYL) - South Florida:

Main objective is to maintain unity among all members of KCYL South Florida. An opputunity to organize gatherings of the Knanaya Catholic Youth in this unit to enhance their social and economical life and to encourage their spiritual and educational life as well as Knanaya traditions. Also to promote facilities for young Knanaya Catholics in the territory to learn more about the Knanaya Catholic Community. To meet KCYL friends of other units in North America. Click on KCYLNA.

KCYL - South Florida Committe Members
Designation Name Contact
President Bryana   Chilampath Phone:  (+1)  954-659-2177
Vice President Unni   Kurikalayil Phone:  (+1)  954-757-6975
Secretary Sonia   Onessiril Phone:  (+1)  954-341-5183
Joint Secretary Ashley   Chorath Phone:  (+1)  954-434-4022
Treasurer Ashin   Kalladanthiyil Phone:  (+1)  954-742-3030
Activity Coordinator Jensen   Puthoopalli Phone:  (+1)  954-252-8920
Committe Member Jensy   Ottappalli Phone:  (+1)  954-885-1556
Committe Member Taniya   Onessiril Phone:  (+1)  954-341-5183
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